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Hitting a homerun in collecting baseball autographed cards

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Hitting a homerun in collecting baseball autographed cards

By Aaron Hanania

AaronHananiaHeadShot1smlrThe suspense of waiting to open a box or packet of baseball cards is like being a little kid trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve. You hope that you get a legendary card and imagine the future when you strike gold.

But, when you don’t get the million dollar card, you want to go buy another box. This happens like an endless life cycle. When you are the Baseball Card King, this cycle is your livelihood. Collectors flee to your store and hope to get a big card.

When you buy baseball cards or video games, or almost anything, your brain releases more of a special chemical called Dopamine than it normally would. This causes your brain to have the emotion of being excited or eager for something. In this case you become excited to open your cards. Another thing dopamine can cause is addiction. That is why so many people buy and buy cards and eventually have no money. It is really amazing how much your brain works without you realizing it.

Then I come along and test my luck like so many others! I like to film when I open my baseball cards only because it is fun and if I do get a great card I want to relive the time again. I recommend you try to film when you open your box because if you get a 1/1 card, other people can enjoy it like you did.

Autographed baseball cards from the Bowman and Topps baseball card boxes
Autographed baseball cards from the Bowman and Topps baseball card boxes

All I know is that The Baseball Card King stores in the Chicagoland area have all of the most popular card boxes and staff who can help you decide which ones are best. Whenever I go to one of their many stores, the service is always amazing. I have never pulled a legendary card, but I don’t expect to. I collect because I enjoy having to organize and record each card I get. Some people make collecting a living, but I would not want to.

This time when I went to the Oak Lawn store Saturday September 19th, I was not planning to leave the store empty handed. Like always, I buy the box that has the most autographs in it for a reasonable price. Some boxes can run upward of $400.00 each, but I stay away from those.

Today I decided to buy two boxes, the Topps Chrome 2015 jumbo box with 5 autographs in it, and the Bowman Inception 2015 premium baseball cards, also with 5 autographs.

The whole way back to my house I was held in suspense at the possibility of unearthing a rare find, valuable card. It is just like trying to figure out a magic trick someone showed you that you cannot figure out.

I of course filmed the Box Breaks, because when you watch people opening a box of cards you still have the feeling of suspense. The only downside to watching box breaks is when someone gets a really rare card and then I go out and buy the same box and do not get a rare card.

Bowman baseball card box
Bowman baseball card box

When I finally got home, I had to do a few things before I could open the boxes. When I finally started to open them I was hoping that I got a card worth more that $20.00. I did get a few good cards, but not any cards that caused me to go crazy.

I definitely would recommend collecting cards, because it is fun and enjoyable. Don’t be devastated when you don’t get a million dollar card, because that’s the industry of baseball card companies. Our luck is their entire industry fortune. I think of it as being the little fish eating a worm and then being caught by the fisherman. When the fisherman is the card company, and the worm is like knowing that a thousand dollar card is only one pack away. But it is often not.

I would recommend bringing your kids, or just yourself out to one of the Baseball Card King stores because trust me, you cannot walk out of that place without getting something good. I know I cannot not buy something, because some of the things you can buy there are so cool.

Topps Chrome baseball card box
Topps Chrome baseball card box

Even though I only collect baseball memorabilia, the Baseball Card King sells boxes for all sports. They have literally hundreds of different boxes for each sport. They can get you any card box, even if they don’t have it in stock, they will go out of their way to get you what you want.

You can see my box opening video from Saturday September 19th in the links below. You can also see more of my writing and videos on my various websites.

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(Make sure to check my YouTube channel for the video report on opening the Bowman and Topps baseball card boxes.)

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