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Young author breaks bounds at literary festival

Young author breaks bounds at literary festival

When some people think about Generation Z, some people may immediately associate technology. But for high school student Aaron Hanania, technology is a bridge to a brighter future.

Aaron Hanania is a high school student who wrote an entire novel on his iPhone 6 during high school. He quoted his accomplishment as, “making the best of my resources.”

“I look at my phone as a method of creation, not a method of communication. My cell phone is like a typewriter in a 1960’s newsroom. Other students around me use their phone for games and texting but they are wasting valuable time, time that I used to write a book. I just had to put myself in a mind set that writing the book was not always “fun” in the moment, but would have long-term benefits,” Hanania said.

Hanania also talked about his first science fiction novel, “The King’s Pawn.”

The King's Pawn books laid out on a table
The King’s Pawn books laid out on a table

“The King’s Pawn is not about chess. It is about putting two teenagers in a literal perfect world with unlimited power and watching what would happen,” Hanania said. “I was fascinated with human behavior when I wrote this book so I decided to write something that had never been written. There are stories of normal people in post-apocalyptic worlds, but never were they in perfect worlds with full power.”

When asked why his book is branded as science fiction, Hanania had an interesting response.

“Well, that is the thing. The science fiction genre is stereotyped as aliens and mad scientists, but in The King’s Pawn, science comes in regarding the experiment. The King’s Pawn is an experiment that tests the values of two regular people while also testing the ethics of the experimenters. There are no monsters, but there is a lot of science. My book is a mix of science fiction, realistic fiction, and dystopian, but I think science fiction really summarizes the book the best,” Hanania said.

Hanania is not done writing. He is currently writing two separate books that are going to fit under the science fiction mystery category. He mentioned that he writes stories that he would enjoy reading as a reader, stories that he says he has a hard time finding in libraries.

He shared some tips and tricks about writing that anyone can use.

“Writing isn’t about grammar. Writing is very much about the ability to tell a great story. A novel is supposed to put the reader in a world away from the reader’s worries, struggles, fears and into a world that anything is possible and nothing can be predicted. A good fictions brings the reader into that imaginary world. Now that world does not have to be completely fictional, but it should captivate the reader,” Hanania said.

Hanania makes presentations to students in the chicagoland area about writing and the environment. He uses his books and writings to give him a basis advocate for a healthier environment.

“I write not to become famous or make money. I write because I love doing it and I love sharing my stories with other people. Writing grants me opportunities to advocate for real-world problems that I am passionate about fixing,” Hanania said.

“I also write because I care about the environment and my writings and presentations often touch on that concern.”

Above all, Hanania wants other students to know that knowing how to tell a great story is the key to success. Aaron Hanania will be at the acclaimed Printer’s Row Lit Fest in Downtown Chicago on June 8th and 9th.

To order the book or to get more information, click this link.


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Aaron Hanania
Musician, writer, author, Video blogger, drummer
Aaron Hanania is an author, solo recording artist, and videographer. He plays both guitar and drums creating original music and lyrics and has published the dystopian fiction "The King's Pawn" (2018).

“I share music with my audience because music is a way for me to share my thoughts or views on a concept in a different form,” explains Aaron, who has been playing drums for more than 15 years.

"My writings take the readers to the ends of their imagination and document news and feature events in sports and everyday life."

His first album is titled "Deep Space" and was released in October of 2019.

Aaron is also a budding standup comedian who has performed several times to packed audiences around Chicagoland.

His writings include features, news and opinion commentary. His videos address issues that young students address everyday.

His website is and his Youtube channel is

Follow him on Twitter @AaronHanania