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High school student publishes SciFi mystery novel

High school student publishes SciFi mystery novel

Author says he wrote the entire science fiction mystery novel, which explores challenges facing young people in a society in which scientists have taken control of their lives, using his iPhone 6

In his new Science Fiction mystery novel, high school junior, blogger and first-time novelist Aaron Hanania takes us into a world in which the norms of human dignity and life are taken to the extreme.

The plot is simple but complex.

A scientist creates a revolutionary experiment, The King’s Pawn, in which the participants are unaware of the roles that they play in what is expected to be a literally perfect world. The scientist soon discovers her “methodically controlled society” creates unforeseen tensions and ominous uncertainty for the unknowing participants, but brings the scientist unimaginable profits, fame and power. But what the scientist doesn’t expect is that the power of human curiosity can overcome any barrier, experimental boundaries or expectations.

The King's Pawn book cover

Two children in The King’s Pawn play a critical role after discovering that they have unrestricted control over the experiment’s outcome. The future of this unusual experiment rests in their hands, creating thrilling and unexpected consequences.

“I wanted my first novel to speak to issues that young people think about, issues of how we are influenced, directed and even controlled,” Aaron Hanania explains.

“As young people, our lives are pretty much defined by our parents, our schools and by our society until we turn 18 or even older. What if our lives turned out to be something we didn’t expect, something completely different from what we know?”

Aaron, 17, said that he wrote the entire book of 194 pages and 60,000 words all on his iPhone 6 cell phone.

“Cell phones are everything to my generation. They are how we communicate with each other and they are how we express our creativity either in video, digital images or even in writing,” Aaron said.

“I know some people are surprised that you can write a novel or any major paper almost exclusively on a cell phone but when that is how you are raised, it becomes easy. It wasn’t difficult at all and I was able to maintain my storyline consistently throughout the writing process.

“The cell phone is my generation’s computer. It does everything. It is our game board. It is our television. It is our telephone. The cell phone is my generation’s typewriter.”

Aaron Hanania

Aaron is a junior in high school in Chicago’s Southwest Suburbs. A straight A student, Aaron writes for his high school newspaper and for the local newspapers including The Regional News newspaper and the online.

“Communications is the foundation of success. I’m still undecided on my career but I believe that whatever career I chose, success will depend in a large part on the ability to write, speak effectively and clearly, and understand issues that we all face as young people, and being a productive member of our society. It all come down to communications,” Aaron explains.

Born in 2001 under the shadows of the Ural Mountains in Yekaterinburg, Russia, Aaron Hanania began writing his stories shortly after coming to the United States and quickly adapting to the new technologies in writing. Using his iPhone 6, he began writing this novel in 2017. Although the technology is quickly outdated, the power of the human mind is not.

A high school junior living in Chicago’s southwest suburbs, Aaron launched his online writing website, in 2008 at the age of 7 where he posted his stories about life.

He is an avid drummer who plays to the music of the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Fleetwood Mac. Aaron was one of three winners of his high school talent contest in 2018 for a drumming medley performance that rocked the school auditorium. Aaron has also published several interviews with celebrities including Cubs First Baseman Anthony Rizzo and Super Bowl Champion Michael Schofield for The Regional News newspaper, and for his school newspaper.

Asked about his lifetime experiences, Aaron explains, “My resume may be short because I am still young. But it is just the first page of a life I look forward to enjoy, explore and share.”

His website is and his YouTube channel where he creates songs, videos, posts interviews, and tests his creative ideas is at

You can purchase your copy of the book from by clicking here. The book will also soon be available from, and through many major book stores.

Click here to view the book order page at

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Aaron Hanania
Musician, writer, author, Video blogger, drummer
Aaron Hanania is an author, solo recording artist, and videographer. He plays both guitar and drums creating original music and lyrics and has published the dystopian fiction "The King's Pawn" (2018).

“I share music with my audience because music is a way for me to share my thoughts or views on a concept in a different form,” explains Aaron, who has been playing drums for more than 15 years.

"My writings take the readers to the ends of their imagination and document news and feature events in sports and everyday life."

His first album is titled "Deep Space" and was released in October of 2019.

Aaron is also a budding standup comedian who has performed several times to packed audiences around Chicagoland.

His writings include features, news and opinion commentary. His videos address issues that young students address everyday.

His website is and his Youtube channel is

Follow him on Twitter @AaronHanania