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How do you get a guitar pick at a concert? Here’s how I did it

By Aaron Hanania

AaronHananiaHeadShot1smlrHere’s my experience of how to easily get a guitar pick at a concert. I did it without fighting someone, jumping onto the stage, or having a backstage pass.

On October 2nd,2014 I went to a Fleetwood Mac concert in Chicago at the United Center. We got there a good hour and a half early. So early that they had not opened the doors yet. When we got in, we of course bought a few souvenirs.

The souvenir I later got for free was the best one that they would never sell. When we were sitting waiting, I was thinking back to getting a guitar pick or drum stick, like the few lucky people who get the rarest pick.

English: JOHN MCVIE With Fleetwood Mac on Marc...
English: JOHN MCVIE With Fleetwood Mac on March 3, 2009 in St. Paul, MN at the Xcel Energy Center. Photo by Matt Becker, [email protected] Use without citation is prohibited by law. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My problem was we were not even facing the stage but on the far right side of it. So I thought that I could not get anything. That was until I wanted to stand down by the stage where the bass player went off the stage and changed guitars. and watch the guy with the really long hair tune the guitars. I also wanted to look at the band members little portable desk with pictures of their family.

I stood down there and watched the pre-concert preparations for a good 20 minutes. There was a security guy standing about ten feet in front of me. The curious me decided to ask him a question I was sure I knew the answer to.

I said, “Excuse me sir.” The man replied, “yes.”

I then asked, “Is there any way I can get a guitar pick from one of the people in the band?”

Remember this was before I really knew Fleetwood Mac, so I did not know who was who. The guy told me,” one second.”

He then turned to the man tuning the guitars and I think he said something like, “That kid over there is asking for a guitar pick.”

The only way I can assume that is because the security guard turned and pointed toward me. The tuner reached into his pocket and gave the security man a guitar pick. It was the bass guitarist, John McVie’s bass pick.

I never thought that it was that easy to get a pick. I never tried before either.

All you need to do this is to be a kid or have a kid with you, because they probably wouldn’t do it for an adult. A “cute” kid on the other hand is likely. Next time you go to a concert with a kid you can try this technique and see what happens. I wish you best of luck when you try.

The worst thing that could happen is that you might not get one. But having a young kid ask increases the chances that you may walk away with a very valuable item.

This proves that not only people with good seats, expensive backstage passes and large baskets to catch a pick, can get one but anyone who thinks creatively can.

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