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Equipment purchased and delivered to Orphanage

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Equipment purchased and delivered to Orphanage

By Aaron Hanania

I am proud to have received this letter and photos from the primary doctor at the Orphanage in Ekaterinburg where all of the funds raised were donated for my Mitzvah Project.

I want to thank everyone again for being so generous to not only help me with my Mitzvah Project, but also to donate to help bring some badly needed supplies to the Orphanage in Ekaterinburg in Russia.

Thank you

Aaron Hanania

Here is the letter and the photos:

Dear Friends,

Let me provide you with some pictures, regarding the donation items delivery in the Orphanage.

For more convenient posting on Aaron’s site I also provided them separately as a mail enclosure. The orphanage director (the Head Doctor) currently is Dr. Larisa. At a time when Aaron was adopted it was another director – Dr. Irina. Now Dr. Irina is still working at the orphanage as a social worker and the Methodist.

DrLarisa1Dr. Larisa is reading the Quality and Medical Safety Certificate provided with the Otoscopes as medical equipment intended for using with kids.

Otoscope2Otoscope in the box Otoscope out of the box appeared in the soft case

DrLarisa2Dr. Larisa satisfied with the Otoscopes. The only problem raised – the batteries were not included and had to be bought separately (already done). She additionally explained how important these devices for pediatrician for quick ear infection diagnostic. That is very often and painful decease among orphanage’s kids and rapid diagnostic is extremely important. Now all five orphanage pediatricians got their personal otoscopes. Each otoscope provided with 40 hygienic nozzles.

Next what the orphanage got – the 6 Kitchen Faucets with extended shower for every unit. Dr. Larisa let me take the picture of the old one, installed in one of the unit. She said that it was in a average condition but leaking badly as well as the others. The old faucets were made in Russia and the quality was not satisfactory – below. sinks


The new facets made in Denmark – very high quality and will serve long time I believe. Unfortunately as a default they provided with the European tubes only which were not suitable for Russia but we bought adapter sets for every Faucet (you may see it in a plastic bags above the black boxes). faucetconnectors

Inside the box there are a lot of tools for easy connection, EU guarantee and detailed user manual provided. All looks very good, heavy and reliable.

I will keep you posted regarding the installation of the Faucets, using Otoscopes and further purchasing.

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