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Ekaterinburg Orphanage Wish List

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Ekaterinburgh Orphanage Wish List

The Orphanage where I was born in Russia has a wish list. Now that I have raised funds to help them as a part of my Mitzvah Project, I am going to explore other ways to help them, too. Maybe partnering with other of my orphan friends who live in Chicagoland.

The Orphanage said that it has received many new toys for the children recently when two toy stores there closed. The stores donated two truck loads of toys. So what they need are items that can be used to improve services, especially health services for the children.

Below is the “Wish List” of items that the orphanage indicated it needs for the Orphans. The list was provided by the Orphanage staff and the money I raised went to purchase several of the items off the list. Some items remain.

With the money we raised, we were able to purchase, so far, 4 Otoscopes, 6 kitchen showers/with faucets, and two flat screen TVs. (The purchase of the items have to be approved by the Russian Ministry of Healthcare.)

The remaining items on the Orphanage WishList include two Kitchen showers/with faucets, the rubber matts to create the soft playground floor, and the Biotron, which is pretty expensive.

Thank you for helping

Aaron Hanania



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